B-Major 1-Octave Sequencing Exercise

Tutorial: Sequencing
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What is Sequencing? A-Major 2-Octaves Sequencing Exercise

This is a B-Major 1-octave scale. Now we will use a sequence of 6 notes to make a cool exercise and not play just a scale up and down. If you take a look at the notes/tabs each group of 6 notes is 1 sequence. Than we just move same sequence around. Notice that we have a descending sequence, and an ascending sequence - they ARE different. We said before that sequence is a certain order of notes so these two sequences are different because the order of notes is different in them.

This exercise is built of sextuplets. If you are new to 6-tuplets don't go for the speed. Better slow down and practice it with metronome. In this case you'll have the whole sequence - 6 notes - played on 1 beat/click of metronome.