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Tutorial - Vibrato Technique
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Vibrato Technique - Applying Vibrato with Bends

Rick Graham 210 lessons

Now we are going to have a look at a technique which I consider to be a very difficult one.

What we are going to do is apply a string bend to a fretted note and then apply vibrato whilst holding the bend at the target note. This can present some difficulty as it does require a lot of control to do effectively but I have found that once you understand what you need to be doing, that is, if you can create a mental picture of what is happening when you do this, that will be half the battle.

We'll start by fretting a D note on the 15th fret of the 2nd string and we are going to apply a whole-tone bend to our target pitch of E. Then we need to apply our vibrato by oscillating the pitch while holding the target pitch in place. What I have found is that I prefer the sound of a vibrato which goes slightly above and below our target pitch but I would advocate you doing just above or just below too. Remember the more ground you cover the more you will benefit.

It is essential that you have your thumb positioning the same as we discussed in the previous string bending tutorial, over the neck, which which help you to get some good leverage and control over our bending and vibrato but do remember to try not to tense up excessively.

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