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Technical Basics Series Pt.1 - Wrap Up

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Technical Basics Series Pt.1 - Demonstration No.2 Technical Basics Series Pt.1 - Backing Track

I hope this tutorial was helpful for you!

Let's make some preliminary observations before you go at it again....

Are there any "Silent Killers" in your technique?

Do you:

1. Tense up in your neck, back, face, hands, or shoulders? - Chances are you need to practice breathing when you play ;-)

2. Lose your place in your picking hand? - Try accenting during the slower part of the section (ex. at the 8th notes)

3. Have trouble keeping up with the video? - Try skipping the faster areas and focus on concentrating these methods during the slower sections (Ex. 8th and 8th note triplet sections)

I've provided the backing track so you can practice on your own time as well. But don't forget to practice with the video!

Thanks again for stopping by and good luck!