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Tutorial - A Plethora of Licks

.ii-V-I Licks (Part 1)

Robert Mussatti 91 lessons

I now bring you another installment of licks, and this time, this is going to focus on ii-V-I licks. I have divided this up into 2 parts, with this part focusing on the licks themselves, and part 2 showing a way of how you can put them to use within ii-V-I progressions.

Now these licks are the ones that I have learned and used within my playing while going to music school, and they have been nothing but beneficial, for if you are going to be a successful jazz guitar player, it is imperative that you be able to solo though ii-V-I progressions thru all 12 keys, and these licks are going to help with that.

These licks are here to expand your repertoire, as well as help you move through ii-V-I progressions with ease. These have their roots starting on many strings, and the focus here is to be able to use licks in conjunction with each other within the upcoming ii-V-I progression making the smoothest movement possible between them.

Also, these licks can be used and moved within any key, which means that if you want to play one of these within a ii-V-I in Gb, just start the lick on a Gb note. I just started these in C major for convenience reasons.

So go ahead and play through these, get them under your fingers so that we can have these ready at our disposal for part 2.

Tablature for .ii-V-I Licks (Part 1)
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