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Tutorial - A Plethora of Licks

.ii-V-I Licks (Part 2)

Robert Mussatti 91 lessons

Now, we are going to put these to good use. One way is to take these and play them through ii-V-I's going thru the Circle Of Fifths (Cycle Of Fourths), the main premise is to make the smoothest transition between each progression, using the most appropriate lick, and what I have below is one way that I would play through this exercise using the licks that you have learned already.

These are only here as a tool. Be sure to take these licks and use them as much as you can and over time you will manipulate them into your own ii-V-I licks, and they will no longer become someone else's, but your own.

So once you have played through the below example, be sure to write down the chord progressions in succession as I have them down on the page and play through the entire thing using whatever lick is appropriate when switching from one ii-V-I progression to the next. The thing I like about these is that you can hear the progression outlined within the licks themselves, and they really are a breath of fresh air when you're so used to hearing scales played up and down the guitar all day long. (but that's just my opinion)

Tablature for .ii-V-I Licks (Part 2)
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